• Rose
  • (likely others)
  • eventual 4 kittens of Rhonda’s (4 tabbies and 1 tuxedo: READY

**** 255

  • Rhianna

***** SYLVAN

  • new skinny red/brown tabby girl at top of stairs
  • long hair black fertile girl who lives in vacant house yard, discovered to have litter of mobile kittens in August 2016, and eats at Jeremy’s


  • Mama
  • Chester

***** GHBD

    • Kittens – ready September / October (approx 11 weeks on 7/31/17):
      1. tabby white
      2. tabby white
      3. torti
      4. orange tabby
    • tabby friendly boy
    • b. tuxedo boy


S Ave.

  1. Sylvia 032417
  2. Caboodle 032417
  3. Kit Kat (adoptable – Patrick?) 032417
  4. Arrow 022417
  5. Beau (diaphramatic hernia) 022417
  6. Nuttin (adopted Biscuit) 020817
  7. Honey (adopted Alfie) 020817
  8. Janet S (J): 012717
  9. Arnold (TP) 011617
  10. Macy (ADOPTED): 011617
  11. Pierre 011617
  12. Grayson (TP) 011617
  13. Mollyo (TP) 011617
  14. Trixie 011117
  15. Francesco(a) 011117
  16. Jolene 011117
  17. Leo 011517
  18. Bonnie 110916
  19. Olivia 111816
  20. Boris 111816
  21. Pamela 011816
  22. Drake 111816
  23. Claudia (Caludius) 111816 (adopted)
  24. Sweetpea 110916
  25. Annie 110916
  26. Yolanda 110916
  27. Madam 110916
  28. Fiona 102816 (NR)
  29. Missy 102816 (NR)
  30. Kota 101216
  31. Cali 101216
  32. Zena 101216
  33. Tori 101216
  34. Beatrix  101216
  35. KITTENS:
    1. RACHEL 7 (fall / winter 2016)
    2. DeeDee (torti eyeball kit of Annie’s)

Community Center

  1. Feraldo / Lope / Hulckleberry 011117
  2. Tatiana 011617 (TP)
  3. Pushkin  011617 (TP)


  1. Raymond 072417 (TP)
  2. Ramona 071217


  1. Romi 080917


  1. Slim 080917

Van Cortland Park

  1. Emily 040317 (TP – adopted)

Leh Terr

  1. Boots (ABN)
  2. Sweetie (ABS)
  3. Snowball (ABS)
  4. Tarzan (date?)
  5. Lynx / ? (ABSN)
  6. Ceasar / Midnight (ABN)
  7. Alfred / Patches (ABN)
  8. ? / Katie (ABS)


  1. Morsh (2015)
  2. Scoutie (2015) and kits: Atticus, Lola/Hazard, Luciano/Finch, Honor
  3. KITTEN (adoptable – summer 2016)


  1. Hope 072817
  2. Miss Blackie 072417 (TP)
  3. Mary 062817
  4. Stinger 062817
    1. Holy Moly
    2. Roly Poly
    3. Sam
    4. Adam
    5. Corona



Bronkers Cats

S Ave.

Janet S (J): 01.27.17

Arnold S: 01.16.17


Macy S (ADOPTABLE): 01.16.17


Pierre S: 01.16.17

Gray S (J): 01.16.17

Mollyo S: 01.16.17


Trixie S: 01.11.17


Francesco S: 01.11.17


Jolene S: 01.11.17


Bonnie S: 11-9-16


Leo S: January 2016


Olivia S: 11-18-16


Boris S: 11-18-16


Pamela S: 1-18-16


Drake S: 11-18-16


Sweetpea S: 11-9-16


Annie S: 11-9-16


Yolanda S: 11-9-16


Madam S: 11-9-16


Fiona S: 10-28-16 (NR)


Missy S (aka “Harley Quinn”): 10-28-16 (NR)


Kota S: 10-12-16


Cali S: 10-12-16


Zena S: 10-12-16


Tori S: 10-12-16


Beatrix S: 10-12-16




TO DO Sylvan:

Hatty S (G): Sun 01.29.17 12:30

Melvin S (G): Sun 01.29.17 12:30

Lolly S (G): Sun 01.29.17 12:30

Star S (J) JANET S? – 01.15.16 1600


J poss grey F?

Hisser S (Jeremy): fall-2016

Lily-Lilo S (Jeremy): fall-2016

Fluffy blk + long tux S (G): 01.15.17

Long-tuxedo-side S (Gertrude): 01.15.17

Long-tuxedo-back S (Gertrude): 01.15.17

tabby-2 S (Gertrude): fall-2016

tabby-1 S (Gertrude): fall-2017

lt grey tabby S (G): summer/fall 2016

porch S (Gertrude): summer 2016

long black S (Gertrude): Nov 2016

a grey S (Gertrude): fall 2016

Helluns S (Gertrude): Nov 2016

long black S (Gertrude): fall ’16



Gertrude (maybe not pictured):

  • 1/14: white (face and chest?) / tabby mix (looks F, appeared after trying to trap 1/14 with S and I and T was feeding)
  • (Brown/Grey/Black?) Tuxedo with coloring mostly or “torso”
  • fluffy black (last seen 1/15 out front in sun)
  • another fluffy black or was that MAcy or Pierre (?)
  • tuxedo short (one has been fixed and not tipped)
  • tuxedo long (looked possibly chubby on 1/15/17 sighting)
  • grey (not Fiona)
  • tabby / tabbies?

Across from Gertrude:

  • black cat, skittish, skinny tail

Jeremy or ???

  • Star (light grey/white (F) tabby)
  • possibly another light grey/white (F) tabby (or two) … see “Star” above
  • Grayson (2 or original)
  • “tuxedo or two”
  • Hisser / Big Head




RNH and Compound






Anna-RNH-01.16.17 (old leg injury)


Tatiano Snowball 01.18.17




TO DO RNH and compound:





  • calico
  • tuxedo that ran off 1/14 with S and I?
  • small light (tabby?) with white chest and paws often under bench early morning
  • 2-4 more at RNH pool?
  • more (panda’s sibling … bigger cats too?) at compound?



L Terrance:

Lupe (L Terr): tipped seen 01.29.17

Geoffrey (L Terr): fall-2016

Boots (L Terr): TLC_summer-2016

Snowball (L Terr): TLC_summer-2016

Sweetie (L Terr): TLC_summer-2016

Katie-Emma (L Terr): already tipped 2016

Morsh (Riverdale) NOT-TIPPED-but-fixed_2015

Alfred (L Terr): already tipped 2016




TO DO L Terr:

  • tuxedo (limping?)
  • ?





Rhea (S Ave): Animal Nation – kitten gotten 01.16.17




DONE and adoptable

  1. Gabe (foster via Cecile)
  2. Macy S (Bx Tx) – also in S Ave. list above
  3. Claudia Schiffer (Cecile)
  4. Buster (? via Cecile)
  5. Tinkerbell (Bx Tx)
  6. Rodolpho (Sue)
  7. Rhea / Chaplupa (S Gert kitten, dilute torti) (Animal Nation – also in “IN-HAND TO DO” list above)
  8. Oliver – ADOPTED! (Animal Nation)
  9. Dee Dee (eyeball kitten) (with other rescue and probably ADOPTED!
  10. Rachel – ADOPTED! (Sue)
  11. Raven – ADOPTED! (Sue)
  12. Rocket – ADOPTED! (Sue)
  13. Ripley – ADOPTED! (Sue)
  14. Ralph – ADOPTED! (Sue)
  15. Ronan – ADOPTED! (Sue)



PIC Name Description
(sex / markings)
Status Location
 cali-s_10-12-16  Cali  Calico with lots of white + orange and black. Small.  TNR 10/12/16  Sylvan (down the street)
 kota-s_10-12-16  Kota  Light grey tabby with white chest and paws. Small.  TNR 10/12/16  Sylvan (down the street)
 beatrix-s_10-12-16  Beatrix  Black. Big girl.  TNR 10/12/16  Sylvan (across from Gertrude’s)
zena-s_10-12-16   Zena  White with grey and brown tabby markings (including tail and cap and cow-like markings). Splotch on nose.  TNR 10/12/16  Gertrude’s garage
 tori-s_10-12-16  Tori  Calico with lots of dark markings (including face), white/light patch on chest  TNR 10/12/16  Gertrude’s garage
 hairdresser-s_now-a-pet_10-12-16 “Hairdresser”  Torti that was orig from Sylvan and Tamara gave to hairdresser friend.  TNR 10/12/16  (originally from Sylvan)
 bonnie-s_11-9-16  Bonnie  F ? – black. Trapped in Jeremy’s front yard with drop trap.  TNR 11/9/16  J’s front yard
 annie-s_11-9-16  Annie  F – Orange tabby. Had had lower left jaw abcess that seemed to heal. Mother of ?(diluted torti / tuxedo that bit me and is with Sue), DeeDee, and possibly another kitten? 5495 S Ave. area.  TNR 11/9/16  5495 Sylvan and J’s
 sweetpea-s_11-9-16  Sweetpea  F – Diluted Torti who eats at J’s.  TNR 11/9/16  J’s front yard
 yolanda-s_11-9-16  Yolanda  F – Black short hair. Possibly pregnant at trapping. Eats in Jeremy’s back yard for sure.  TNR 11/9/16  J’s back (and front?) yard
 harley-quinn-s_10-12-16  Harley Quinn  White kitty with funny facial marking and dark tail. Young. Trapped in Jeremy’s driveway.  TNR 11/3/16 5495 Sylvan and J’s yards
 madam-s_11-9-16  Madam  F – dark torti. Trapped in Jeremy’s driveway.  TNR 11/3/16  J’s driveway
 fiona-s_10-28-16  Fiona Grey tuxedo from Gertrude’s back neighbor’s porch very friendly TNR 11/3/16 Gertrude’s neighbor’s deck
drake_s-tnr_11-18-16 Drake Large tuxedo boy, sticks tongue out TNR 11/18/16 (Bx Tx) eats at Jeremy’s
boris_s-tnr_11-18-16 Boris Orange tabby smallish boy with distinct nose TNR 11/18/16 (Bx Tx) eats atJeremy’s
pamela_s-tnr_11-18-16 Pamela little tuxedo girl TNR 11/18/16 (Bx Tx) small girl
olivia_s-tnr_11-18-16 Olivia tuxedo girl pink lower lip TNR 11/18/16 (Bx Tx) had had ovarian cyst (which was maybe recent mom?)
claudia-schiffer_11-18-16_at-bx-tx Claudia Shiffer long haired black – thin and friendly attempted TNR 11/18/16 (Bx Tx) Gertrude’s and Jeremy’s. ASPCA paperwork said maybe fixed and monitor for signs of heat


Pic Name Descirption Status Location Notes
   Mom of  Oliver, Buster, and Tinkerbell (light grey tabby)        
   Mom in Nicole’s neighbor’s yard (black and white tuxedo)        
   Mom of the bulk of the ones Sue has (long black and tuxedos)        
   Mom of of Penn / Teller / ? (dark not seen since Sept torti) – have partial pic of marbeled tabby – not sure if white too)        


Pic Name Description Status Location Notes
   Horatio (herpes eyes?)        
   ?? Orange tabby boy – ask Jeremy name        

Bailey – YES mom of at least one litter of kits – 1 – 3 tabbys (Baily, Allie, and Petra [may have been hit by car], 3rd? Petra)
Allie – tabby slightly lighter chest with small head
Petra (dark grey (brown?) black tabby with white chest and paws that may have been hit???)
Mayor – 1 long haired b/w tuxedo (“Mayor”)
Ren – 1 short haired tuxedo (“Ren”)
Shadow – fluffy black 1
Grey (or Luna if has white paws)
RIver – fluffy black 2


Luna – 1 gray (maybe white paw tips)

Trixy (Jeremy’s mom)
Rocky (Jeremy’s “dad” – what does he look like??)
BIg Head / Hisser
Molly (another black female that eats out back)
Daisy (?) – ANOTHER TABBY FEMALE (similar to Trixy) that comes out front to eat

Another black short haired female (or more) seen over by 5624 Sylvan. Black cat sleeping in corner against house fall 2016, same or different in the “woods” by stairs?

Dilute torti kitten ???? (1 or 2 ???) at Gertrude’s
Classic (black orange) missing torti kitten left of Gertrude’s

(a fluffy black keeps going back by Shayla’s and abandoned house – is this just out of curiosity or is a mom? Shayla had said there were kittens back there, don’t know what they look like or age or ANYTHNG, Jeremy had said he saw one running across the street …)

Sebastian (EARTIPPED / TNRed, long haired, assumed male, herpes eyes)


PIC Name Description

(sex / markings)

Status Location Notes 
   Hawkeye / Penn        
   Atilla / Teller        
  Long haired black with (originally) blue eyes        
  Long haired black        
  Long haired tuxedo        
  Short haired tuxedo        
  Muted torti grabbed Oct. 12 form house next door to original crew. Bit the shit out of me. Sue has with others. Had URI (or something)        
   Mostly white with some grey tabby male. Nicole took and gave to neighbor. House across street from original crew. Mom is tuxedo        
   Missing tuxedo sibling of the above. House across street from original crew.        
 ?  Muted light grey torti / tuxedo that (at least at one point) had the winky eye that was with the “second wave” of kitties I brought you.        
  DeeDee (torti with eye issue, mom is Annie)        
   Mostly whitish kitten Jeremy has / is keeping (either different litter or possibly [??] sibling of the tortis ….)        
   Penn & Tellers (dark?) torti sister (white neck and forepaws?)? (not seen since Sept. 25)        
   Teensy – Elusive diluted torti that is likely siblings with the biggest crew Sue has. Last seen in Gertrude’s yard on 11/6, fleeing.        
   Teensy – Elusive diluted torti that is likely siblings with the biggest crew Sue has. Last seen in Gertrude’s yard on 11/6, fleeing.        
   Teensy – Elusive diluted torti that is likely siblings with the biggest crew Sue has. Last seen in Gertrude’s yard on 11/6, fleeing.        


PIC Name Description

(sex / markings)

Status Location Notes 
   Sophie    TNR 10/28/16: BxTx  Riverdale Community Center  
   Panda    TNR 10/28/16: BxTx  Compound  


PIC Name Description

(sex / markings)

Status Location Notes 
   Geoffrey aka Max aka Tarzan aka “Grumpy” aka “Bully”    TNR 9/25/16: BxTx  Jean’s  

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